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Knowing Who You (Really) Are will Hugely Improve Your Life

Take the Self-Knowledge 101 Test here…

Who is that Person in the Mirror?

“You are not one person but three — the one you think you are, the one other people think you are and the person you really are.” — from the Writer’s Digest Guide to Successful Living, 1957

The Self-Knowledge 101 Test

1. The person YOU see:

  • What one word best describes me? (the first word that jumps to mind).
  • What one word sums up my childhood (up to 10 years)? Teens?
  • What one word best describes my life NOW?
  • Who was the most influential person in my early years and what did I learn from them about myself? About life?
  • Who has been the most negative influence in my life (and how did they see me)? Are they still in my life (and should they be)?
  • What is my biggest fear? Vulnerability?
  • What is my favourite (positive) piece of feedback I’ve had from the world?

2. The person OTHERS see:

  • What three words would my close friends use to describe me?
  • What three words would a partner use to describe me?
  • What word best describes what I’m like to live with?
  • What word best sums up what I’m like to work (or study) with? How would my manager/staff describe me?
  • How would someone I’ve just met at a party describe me? What would they say after talking to me?
  • Who do I present myself as on social media? What would my followers say about that person and the life he/she lives?

3. The person YOU (REALLY) ARE:

  • What do I like to do with my free time when I’m on my own? Do I make enough time for it?
  • What do I most like to wear when no-one’s watching or judging? Do I wear it out in the world?
  • What do I most like to read, listen to, talk or think about? Do I indulge in it?
  • What’s my first reaction to conflict? What’s my second? (Are these strategies acceptable to me?)
  • How do I react to high stress? (Am I happy with this reaction?)
  • Who do I like to spend time with? Do I create opportunities for this?
  • Who do I not like to spend time with? Am I taking steps to reduce this?
  • Do I listen more to my head, heart or emotions? Am I okay with this balance?
  • What is my biggest strength (and my second and third)? Do I use them all in all aspects of my life?
  • What is the best advice I’ve ever given to a struggling friend? Do I follow it myself?
  • What do I long for? Am I on track to getting it or being it? How could I do this better?




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Karen Nimmo

Clinical psychologist, writer. Editor of On the Couch: Practical psychology for everyday life.